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Android App Development

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The number of Android smartphone users grows blazing fast. Stay in touch with your target audience everywhere with Android Mobile application.


Android devices hold a huge share among smartphone users. It’s clear that creating an android app for your business or as a business is worth considering. By building an application for Android will help you reach out to a huge audience which can give a great boost for your business. Smartphones, tablets, wearables apps – any Android device is a great way to reach for your audience.

4 Things Why Android


Opposite to IOS restrictions Android has more advantages with system integration and automation. This extends all the way from simple things like live wallpapers, to alternative keyboards, to custom ROM installs.

Open Source

This means that you can create your own version of Android. Creation of custom ROMs gives you an option to have your own predefined set of apps on the device.


Android devices are cheaper and in the result they have much more devices on the market.


You can set up your own launch board. Enable / disable system functions to enshure that device will fit your business needs.

Why native

At ANODA Web & Mobile Development Agency we develop only native Android mobile applications. First, it’s User Experience. Android apps have a different interface than iOS, so Android users will be more comfortable with native apps, where they can intuitively act even with apps that they use for the 1st time. Compared to Hybrid apps, native Android Apps’ performance is much higher which is crucial for users. Also, you have to consider that native app development is the only way to provide data protection. Nowadays, it is essential for users. One of the main benefits of the Native App Development is that it has full access to the databases, camera, geolocation, and other functions of the smartphone. It will make your app work much better.


There is a huge variety of Android devices of different sizes. Hybrid App Development can’t make the app look good on all of them, at the same time Native App can since it was written just for Android. The last thing we want to point out is that to get lots of downloads your app has to become featured in some category on the Google Play Market, but only Native apps can get there. With a featured app you can save a lot of marketing expenses. Remember that. As you see Android native app development has quite a few of serious advantages. Take that into account when choosing between native and hybrid



What you can have

CRM and management instruments

Maps, routes and transportation

mCommerce solutions

Cloud back-end with Firebase and AWS Lambda

Image catalogs, annotations and hot zones

Social network and communities

In-app purchases

Push notifications

Audio and video streaming

Booking and sheduling

Real time update and offline mode

Text and video group communication

Task manager

QR and barcode reader

Recurring subscriptions

Third party service integrations

Third party services integration


Wearable Integration

Integration of IoT and BLE devices

Technology stack

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