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Shift Me

USA, LA    Management Software
Web • Mobile • ERP
ShiftMe mobile app is one of a kind. The ShiftMe mobile app is unique. For companies that employ shift workers, ShiftMe optimizes the whole process, allowing them to fill open shifts easily. Must-have for companies where employees work by shifts.


EU    Smarthouse
Web • Mobile • ERP
Mobile and web service that opens a wide range of options to manage smart devices in your home. The app collects a wide range of metrics and provides detailed reports about energy consumption. The app allows you to leverage blockchain, gamification, and smart IoT technology to create new business models.

B2C Mobile monitoring for Balboa Water Group

USA    Healthcare / Smarthouse
Web • IOS. • Android • Wi-Fi • Bluetooth • IoT
Taking care of the hot tub has never been easier. You can monitor and control your spa anywhere and anytime with just a few taps. You may be sure that the hot tub will be ready whenever you want to take a dip.

B2C Web and mobile solution for manufacturer warranty tracking

UK, London    Healthcare
Web • Mobile • ERP
The mobile application portal maintains a record of all users’ devices and warranties. It keeps track of its expiration dates and notifies users about them. Add all your devices, take pictures, and add expiration dates to the description. The application is done according to the latest UX/UI solutions and perfectly optimized for all mobile devices.

E-commerce C2C Web and Mobile solution with custom payment processor to sell pieces of art

USA, NY    E-Commerce
Web • Mobile • ERP
iOS mobile application for those who belong to the art world. It’s a platform for the direct purchase and sale of art objects. Provides history on every item, approximate price for selling, ability to send offers.

AI Personal trainer with IoT support for sport equipment manufacturer

USA & China    Healthcare
Web • IOS. • Android • Video CMS • Calendar • IoT
The app for IoT-enabled sports equipment allows full track control, modes, intensity, performance. Users get more effective training activities due to a data-driven workout plan.

Fitness and nutrition SaaS platform on monthly subscription basis

USA, Texas    Healthcare
Web • IOS. • Android • Video CMS • Newsfeed • Notifications
Whether you are a certified trainer or start coaching, Rock fit is your heavy artillery for a successful personal training business. Increase client base, retention rate, boost personal touch, create custom methodology while freeing up more time for yourself with the all-in-one app.

Highload ticket and event management platform [Google team collaboration]

USA    Management Software
Web • IOS. • Android • Management software • Chat
Have you ever been set at home, thinking about going out? Outingz is an app that helps you decide where to go and find people to go with you. Assemble a group, choose an activity and have fun!

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