Whether you are a certified trainer or start coaching, RockFit is your heavy artillery for the successful personal training business. Increase client base, retention rate, boost personal touch, create custom methodology while freeing up more time for yourself with the all-in-one app.

Our client is a certified personal fitness trainer and IFBB pro-athlete. He definitely knows how it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve to boost personal training business and reach the best results with athletes.

Almost all coaches have follows challenges as:
– Tricky to stay in touch 24/7
– Multiple manuals and administration tasks
– Challenging retaining athletes and find new ones
– Choosing a fully personalized workout and meals plan is difficult

He found out that each personal trainer needs a smart solution for easy coaching created by the coach. The smart solution on paper has been transformed into an outstanding RockFit app by ANODA software development agency.







All in

One space

Are you lost between progress metrics and numerous tasks for all your wards athletes? Rock your business muscles! You can collect all info in one place. Set goals and daily tasks, note athletes’ weak points, record recommendations by voice for each athlete with min effort.

Get access for injuries history, numerous progress metrics, and a gallery with photos “before&after” in a few taps. So, you definitely won’t miss vital points!

Custom Plans

Athlete fills a comprehensive form, and you easily create custom training and meal data-driven plans. Both plans with all details and demo-videos of exercises are stored in profiles. You can adjust the plan after the first training session, based on the health indicator.

Moreover, with instant notifications your wards will always be motivated and won’t miss workouts or meals. Coach can focus more time on growing client base and less on time-consuming manual tasks while athletes get even more of a personal touch.

Chatting and

Live Streaming

Training in the gym is only half the work of a pro-trainer. You can help athletes to work on themselves – on their bodies, habits, and lifestyle.

Instant massaging and live-streaming enables you to coach online, always stay in touch while increasing their motivation and engagement. Be prompt. Be flexible. Be creative.

Flexible Schedule

Time management is a core issue of each trainer. Now you can easily manage schedule, adjust it, and always stay in sync with your athletes. The athlete can book your free hours for training or consultation in a couple of taps. Cover more audiences with minimal effort.

With colored markers and push-notifications, you will miss a none detail about the upcoming workout. The coach should always be one step ahead!


Bookkeeping is always complicated and time-consuming. But RockFit’s app allows coaches to collect payments from clients via debit and credit cards.

Athletes can pay for your services within the app, even on-to-go, while you can forget about overdue payments with automatic notifications and billing.



We were aiming to develop an app that saves a significant amount of coaches’ time and allows them to focus more efforts on growing their business and reach the best results with athletes. And we did it!

RockFit allows our customer to elucidate time-consuming tasks, improve progress tracking process, simplify and boost build-out personalized workout and nutrition plan. He rocks business muscles while our mobile app developers increase their expertise in the fitness industry.